Shelf Gala 2012
Shelf Gala was held on 7th July. Work starts on preparing Shelf Hall Park for the Gala on the preceding Thursday evening, it was wet but the fences were erected. The field marshalls, along with one of the fairground operators met at 10.00am and after consultation with various weather forecasts on the internet stating that it would become fine around 3.00pm on Friday afternoon and gave a relatively good forecast for Saturday, it was decided, with a bit of reorganisation of the layout or the gala and limiting the number of vehicles and placing the large fairground rides in the car park and the use of large boards in the entrance to the park, that Shelf Gala would go ahead and so preparation began. 3.00pm came around, the rain didn’t stop, 4.00pm, 5.00pm, 6.00pm and finally at 7.00pm the rain stopped.

Saturday morning was dull but it was still fine and as the day progressed, the sun began to shine and it lasted through the day to 4.00pm when we had a short quick downpour which lasted for about 20 minutes and the sun came out again.

Have a look at the pictures in the gallery.

Photographs by courtesy of Frank Hand.

Shelf Gala Queen:

In the Arena:
Qaws-E-Khuzah (Belly Dancers)
Ryburn 3 Step (Song, Music, Longsword & Dance)
Mellin Family (Sheep Dog, Duck & Geese Display)

Outside the Arena:
Roaming Jamsters
The Odd Sock Peep Show
Town Crier Solutions


Imperial Crusaders

Rosemary Cocking and
Sarah Holdsworth

June Barnes

Coral Windows
Blackshaw Holdings
Robinsons Farm Shop


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2012 Gala Programme

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